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Choosing Consciousness

What is Soul Regression?

This Soul regression approach, in line with the teachings of Pierre Dubuc, supports us to deliberately move toward our Well-Being through the expansion of our Consciousness.


Well-Being is here defined as a deep truth, a Universal constant, coming from the Source, always available, infinite, and unalterable. It is by finding and using the tools to cultivate our own alignment with our Source, the Essence of our Origin, that we can experience it more.


The programs and sessions offered to you here, stemming from the teachings of Pierre Dubuc, have been designed specifically to help in this regard.



During a session, you will be accompanied, firstly, to define what you would like to release (what you want to live less) as well as your positive intentions that you wish to concretely put in place in your life (what you want to live more). From this pre-session will result a theme, a direction of work.


The session then consists of lying down on a bed, a massage table, or a comfortable place that you prefer at home. You close your eyes, and you will first be guided into a gentle and deep relaxation. Continuing in the structure of the session, you answer aloud to questions based on your perceptions, your feelings, your intuition, and your understanding at this moment. You will be invited and supported throughout the session to open up, develop and use your own feelings. Everyone has their own way to perceive, and this is accessible to everybody.


Sessions last approximately 120 minutes and can take place face-to-face in Uvita, Costa Rica, or via Zoom anywhere on the planet. The price is 200$ (or 200€).

What Does the Expansion of Consciousness Mean?

The expansion of consciousness is about getting to know yourself more. It is about opening up to our spiritual reality in order to better harmonize the different aspects that make us up (including the Human, the Soul, the Source). It is about opening up to our more global reality. What am I, where am I from, why am I here on Earth? The expansion of consciousness is to address these fundamental questions. Indeed, openness to these questions, without aiming for a fixed answer, is important in order to realize that we are something eternal, that we come from a Universal Source, and that from this fact flows the basic principles of our relationship with Life. It is therefore useful to become aware of our interrelation between the Source, Self, and the experiences we live. This allows us to be able to move towards what we really want, towards an ever more pleasant life experience. It is only when we become more aware of what we really are, of this reality that composes us, that is in relation to Life, that we can then be better equipped to govern our life adequately in respect of our Essence. And the more we respect and choose our Essence, the more we can then enjoy its benefits. So the more our consciousness grows, the more we can deliberately have life experiences aligned with what our heart truly and naturally desires.

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The Earth: a Profound School for the Soul

The experience of human incarnation is a school in itself, a school so that our global being can grow by choosing ever more, through life experiences, what we really are: Love, Harmony, Consciousness, Light, Peace, Force, Stability, Sharing, Abundance, Happiness, Joy, Confidence, Beauty, Serenity, etc.


On the other hand, we all know that we can have experiences that contrast significantly with these vibrations that define us at our Origin! Why?


If we take a moment to think about it, could we really choose what we are if we didn't experience what we are not?


Since we are Beings who wish to grow by exercising the choice of what we are, the return to self, it is therefore implicit and necessary that we must sometimes experience what we are not: Abandonment, Rejection, Guilt, Procrastination, Shame, Punishment, Judgment, Fear, Devaluation, Obsession, etc. Only then will it be possible to realize the initial idea of growth through free will in experience. As the experience of human incarnation is a school for the Soul, it goes without saying that the latter has motivations beyond this experience and established previously. And one of these fundamental aims is to come to choose oneself in order to bring about overall growth and the integration of our Source light. Do you not believe that there are therefore enormous benefits to understanding these precise motivations on our spiritual part? To understand the aims in relation to the great adventure of our earthly incarnations? To integrate it more to support us in our lives?

The Law of Vibration: How Do We Create Experiences Here on Earth?

In fact, it's simple. We live in a Universe where everything is vibratory. Thus, to live an experience, whatever it is, we must have a vibratory counterpart in our energy field that corresponds to what we want to live. We can work on this pre-manifestation vibratory aspect from our human life, and we must also dwell on what was decided prior to our incarnation, from the Soul, from the global spiritual Being at this level. The choice made at this level by our Soul will also impact our life now. After all, it is also the part of us that existed before and which will exist after our incarnation! By understanding Its motivations, we therefore come to understand our larger motivations. So, if we want to experience difficult events that contrast with our nature in order to be able to choose ourselves (the earthly school), we simply must have included, in some way, vibrations that contrast with our Essence in our vibrational field.

This is exactly the purpose of the GEMS program. On the one hand, it allows us to free ourselves from these contrasting frequencies from our Source nature, and this has the effect of ceasing to vibrate them. By stopping these frequencies in oneself, we can therefore walk and experience fewer and fewer scenarios that take root in them. This release also has the effect of allowing our Source codes to increasingly regain their rightful place, in order to create new experiences more in line with them. It is this effect, at the pre-manifestation level, that allows you to feel more and more in your place, yourself, and to obtain more well-being and more and more satisfying life experiences.


The G.E.M.S. Program

The GEMS program is an effective, clear, structured, and precise tool that gives you access to quantum leaps in your well-being and your liberations. It happens through your involvement and the choices that you simply make here from your human part. The choice is made of course in sessions, but is revalidated and reintegrated during the adjustment of each of these. It is thanks to this choice and this openness that you can release what you are not, but above all let what you Are take its rightful place. The GEMS program is truly an extraordinary opportunity to take back the reins of your well-being and your evolution here on Earth. It is a program that transcends time and the situation. It is a pioneering program that opens doors with cascading effects on all of humanity.


The acronym G.E.M.S. means the Genesis of the Energy into Matter from our Spirit, which evokes the basic considerations of the spiritual part (the Spirit) wanting to incarnate in the matter and opens on the considerations that this implies. The foundations of this program were laid by Pierre Dubuc following more than forty years of experience in this field. Jean-Simon Yelle participated in its development and refinement for several years thereafter. In his latest book, Path to the Light of Consciousness, which will be available in the fall of 2023, Pierre Dubuc explains and describes how, following a long career and multiple experiences, he managed to lay the foundations of this approach.


It is a twelve sessions journey that addresses the release of twelve vibrational frequencies acting as contrasts from our Source nature. It is precisely these frequencies that will generate, by vibrational law, the less pleasant experiences of the school of Earth. Although this liberation is taken into account, the largest part of the session is focused on reconnecting to the Source, our inner beauty, and on the integration of our True Being into our concrete life. 


That being said, to get the benefits of this approach, you don't have to do the whole program. Since each session takes place in what is happening in your life and according to your targeted intentions, each of them brings its benefits directly to what you have chosen to approach. As a regression practitioner of the GEMS program, we help you, through guided internalization exercises, to determine for yourself which frequency of the twelve is at the vibrational root of an experience you desire to transcend in your life while grasping its lessons. 


During a meeting, you will also have the opportunity to reconnect with your Source love energy, to touch and feel your inner beauty, and to reconnect with higher planes of your Soul where you have been able to experience these Source qualities. This program creates openness to the interrelationship between your human life, your evolving Soul, and your Source Essence to support your overall development.

The GEMS program is a work tool with a defined and precise axis that is within your reach. It is neither the program nor the practitioners who do the work for you. This program is a tool for repositioning, awareness, taking charge of your well-being and your journey, openness, choice, independence, and development of your own inner guidance.

Other Types of Proposed Regressions

Once the GEMS program is completed, you can also take advantage of the next program, Shadow and Light, which was designed as a continuation of the support for your journey at this stage.


Additionally, as you advance through the GEMS program, you may benefit from another type of session: Training and Learning of your Soul in the Higher Planes. This type of session opens the door to knowledge acquired in the spiritual planes of your own Being and the possibility of integrating them into your life, simply. These sessions are very pleasant and can be inserted through the GEMS program from the fifth or sixth session.

If all of this has a pleasant resonance for you of openness and expansion, and you would like to make an appointment or have any further questions, we invite you to contact us HERE.

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The Book

In a few months, the latest book by Pierre Dubuc, mentor and friend of Jean-Simon Yelle, will be available. In the latter, the author discusses the journey of his forty-four years of experience that led him to the development of his last two programs: GEMS and Shadow and Light


From the beginning of his career, the author demonstrated his qualities as a pioneer and innovator by bringing a new form of regression to this field, based on happy past lives. While the majority of practitioners went to see difficult past lives in order to touch the echo of a trauma, Pierre also proposed to reinforce the positive qualities developed and acquired in happy past lives.


He then developed an approach in twelve meetings, which he named the Triple Emotion, and which favored the purification of the bodily, emotional, and spiritual consciousness, while helping the clients to internalize themselves in order to go see and touch the frequencies and emotions that could create the difficult scenarios in their lives. He then developed four advanced techniques for graduates of the previous program. Subsequently, he developed three other projects with which he helped his clients to progress before arriving at laying the foundations of the GEMS and Shadow and Light programs. In this book, you will discover more about the journey that led to the beginnings of the programs now offered by Jean-Simon Yelle and Anne-Marie Simard-Tremblay.

About Us

Jean-Simon has been passionate about regression for eight years. As a child, he always had a spiritual curiosity that he put aside in adolescence and adulthood to adapt to society. After his studies in international trade and finance, he worked as a small entrepreneur on his own for several years. Then, following difficult life experiences, he opened up more to this spiritual side and met Pierre Dubuc, whom he would succeed. Regression allowed him to rediscover his well-being, which was never lost but rather forgotten, and he became passionate about learning, developing, and sharing it. Today, he devotes himself to it from Costa Rica, in the beautiful city of Uvita. Jean-Simon also offers training in Reiki and can introduce you to the practice of Yin Yoga (


Anne-Marie began her career as a computer engineer and then became a Naturopath. She came to discover regression at a more difficult time in her life, when she had been looking everywhere outside for ways to find some more well-being. After just one session, she immediately knew that this was what she wanted to share to others. She instantly had the certainty that the return to oneself and the resumption of power by this tool was clearly what people needed. This certainty was even reaffirmed when she got much better after only four sessions. Today, she is passionate about sharing what was most transformative for her in her life and also does it from Costa Rica, in Uvita. Anne-Marie also offers Naturopathic consultations, Reiki sessions and light messages (

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